A very Angry Birthday

August 21st, 2011

Jacob wanted nothing more for his sixth birthday than to have an “Angry Birds” themed party. A little stumped at first, I was lucky to find a lot of great resources out there to create the perfectly themed party for my boy.

The highlight of the party was a giant playable angry birds game. I used a mix of green rubber balls (walmart), supplies from Oriental Trading, Felt Piggies, and a pieced together ladder ball game to build the structure. We used bean bags to toss at the Pigs. I used avery clear sticker paper to create birds to put on the bean bags.

Other activities included a craft, make your own angry bird. We played pin the angry bird on the pig, hunted for golden eggs, egg spoon race, pass the angry bird, and the world’s largest angry birds game on our projector. Though I’m sure it wasn’t the world’s largest, it was pretty big.

For decorations, I did print and cut out a lot of birds and pigs to hang on the wall. I did iron Angry Birds curtains, that I plan to put in Jake’s room now that the party is done. We created angry birds party hats, and went with a green table cloth theme. I had a lot of fun planning and putting together this party. Thanks to all my family and friends that helped out.

Happy Birthday Kiddo!

Angry Birds Invite

August 21st, 2011

Thank You :)

November 16th, 2010

Thanks Grammy!

For our thank yous, I create a recipe style thank you note with our little birthday boy holding it. The background were images pertaining to that guest at the party.  Again,  big thanks to everyone who came to Jonas second birthday party. It was a special day for my special little guy.

Baking Party Synopsis

November 16th, 2010

Baking Party: Jonas Second Birthday

This past weekend we celebrated the second birthday of our second son, Jonas. For his party I wanted to do something fun and festive and get everyone in the mood for the upcoming Holiday season. So we chose a baking theme.   Jake and I decided to decorate the basement to look like candy land. We got some great decorations from Oriental Trading company. We also decided to make our own “gingerbread” house. We got a cardboard house from Target, that we painted and glittered secretly each night when Jonas when to sleep. It was our present to him for his birthday.

Our Gingerbread House

We also made a mixed cd for background music at the party with old time favorites like lollipop lollipop, I want Candy, Big Rock Candy Mountain, and Willy Wonka Songs to name a few…

taken by Brad Kozlek

When the kids arrived they were encouraged to put on their baking hats,  aprons, and start rolling out mini pizzas! To make clean easier, I laid down wax paper on each spot.  I had pizza sauce in tiny squirt bottle and tons of toppings to choice from in mini bowls. While the pizzas were baking we did a simple craft. I got decorate your own gingerbread house sticker sheets. This time of year there was a ton of gingerbread type ornaments that would have also worked with an older crowd. Once the pizza’s were done, the kids had lunch while I set up for the final activity.

taken by Brad Kozlek

We sang Happy Birthday to my little man!  He blew out the candle on his giant cupcake cake 🙂

Cupcake for the cupcake

The kids ended the day with decorating their own cupcakes. I got little boxes for them to take some their master pieces home.  We also had some play-dough and cookie cutters set up in a table around the room for the little bakers to play with.  Each little baker got to go home with a can of play-dough, cookie cutters, and their rolling pin to continue playing at home.

taken by Brad Kozlek

It was a really fun day, I’m so thankful to all my friends and family who helped make it a success.  I think I am done with cupcakes for a long time 😉  Happy Baking!

2nd Birthday: Little Chef Party!

November 3rd, 2010

To live long and die of embarressment.

October 16th, 2010

Dress Up

September 16th, 2010

Welcome to the Jungle Baby

Scooby Doo Party!

August 9th, 2010

For Jake’s 5th birthday party we had a mystery scooby doo party.

Ok… by now you probably know I’m crazy… but when it comes to party planning, I like to go all out. This was my version of a Five Year Old’s Birthday Party.

When guests arrived they were treated to lunch. Afterwards all the kids were gathered around to decorate their own mystery machines and villains (I got car, robots, and monster cardboard cutouts from Michaels). The kids used markers, glitter, foamies, and scooby stickers to embellish their creations. While the kids were working on their crafts, Scooby Doo arrived!

I next told the kids we were going to play with the Scooby doo pinata… but first we needed a group picture with Scooby. As the kids took a group picture with Scooby…  A sneaky “ghost” stole the pinata from behind my back. The kids were surprisingly good and posed for the picture. When I turned around and asked where the pinata was… They told me a ghost stole it! But luckily the ghost left a clue….

Daphne loves to dance, so let the music play
Underneath the chairs, the clue just might lay

Since the first clue had to do with Daphne, we ran to the spot in the yard that had a poster of Daphne. The kiddos played game of musical chairs (we were able to find 7 different versions of the scooby doo theme song)… Under the last chair was our next clue…

Velma dropped her glasses in the grass so green
find the missing clue and the piñata might be seen..

We ran to the poster of Velma in my yard. In the grass were easter eggs that were spray painted black/dark green to make them harder to find in the grass.  Most of the eggs had candy in them… but one had a paper pair of glasses in it with  the next clue written on the back:

Freddy needs some help with the trap to catch a ghost
Capture the scary Witch and the clue she just might boast

The kids ran to the spot in the yard with the Freddy Poster… Here I had a few Halloween decorations. The kid had to throw a hula hoop over a Witch prop (I happen to have).. They also played basketball bopping a ghost decoration on its head.  Underneath the Witch was the next clue….

Shaggy loves to eat plenty of yummy Scooby Snacks
The clue you need to find is hidden in one of the packs!

The kids ran to the shaggy sign in the yard. All the kids were given a Scooby Snack (The scooby doo gram-crackers). The kids had to carefully drop the snack into a cup that was placed on the ground using only their mouths. (Snack drop game.. similar to the one played at McDonalds)…. The last clue was hiding in the box of scooby snacks…

The place you need to look to find the spooky man
is in the very back of

your own  mystery van….

When the kids read this clue they ran to our van which we decorated to look like the mystery machine….

The ghost was hiding in the back… When the kids took off her mask… Aunt Sara exclaimed “She would have gotten away with it if it wasn’t for those meddling kids…” The kids rescued the pinata…

We ended the games with a pull string Scooby Pinata… Everyone went inside for Cake and to sing to the Birthday  Boy! Scooby Doo went upstairs to take a nap. Special Thanks to Auntie Sara (Who played the Villian) and Vince (Who was an excellent Scooby) as well as to all the Parents and everyone else who helped make it such a fun day for Jacob!

Scooby Doo Invite!

August 9th, 2010

Christmas 2009

December 25th, 2009