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Firetruck Party

Sunday, August 9th, 2009

This year Jake decided he wanted a Firetruck party!



For his birthday present we got him a really cool inflatable firetruck house. We set that up in the yard for when the kids came. After lunch, we started with a craft. The kiddos made their own Dalmatian refrigerator magnets.  I got wooden dog cutouts from a local craft store. Painted them white ahead of time. The four year olds painted the dots and faces on the dogs. I also got a firetruck badges from oriental trading company. Some of the older kids put them together.

After the crafts it was time for the Games! First up was a fireman training course. The kiddos crawled through a tube, around the swingset and back to the firehouse where they were awarded their firehats.

Now that they were offical fireman, they needed to go on their mission. I had a cd player that had a fire alarm sound. I also prerecorded radio transmissions to tell the kids what was wrong. The first message informed the kids that they had to rescue a cat from a tree. So all the kids ran over to a playhouse I had decorated to look like a tree. One brave fireman climbed up and rescued the stuffed kitty. He carefully through it down to the other kid who were holding a parachute. We did this a few times with other fireman… until we got the next Call!

Kitty Rescue

There was Fire up the hill. I created  a cardboard building… Where the kiddos had to do a water balloon relay to put out the pretend fire.

Finally the kids searched through read and yellow streamers to rescue little toys I had hidden in the backyard.

We had a great time 🙂

Jacob’s 4th Birthday

Monday, August 3rd, 2009