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Thank You :)

Tuesday, November 16th, 2010

Thanks Grammy!

For our thank yous, I create a recipe style thank you note with our little birthday boy holding it. The background were images pertaining to that guest at the party.  Again,  big thanks to everyone who came to Jonas second birthday party. It was a special day for my special little guy.

Baking Party Synopsis

Tuesday, November 16th, 2010

Baking Party: Jonas Second Birthday

This past weekend we celebrated the second birthday of our second son, Jonas. For his party I wanted to do something fun and festive and get everyone in the mood for the upcoming Holiday season. So we chose a baking theme.   Jake and I decided to decorate the basement to look like candy land. We got some great decorations from Oriental Trading company. We also decided to make our own “gingerbread” house. We got a cardboard house from Target, that we painted and glittered secretly each night when Jonas when to sleep. It was our present to him for his birthday.

Our Gingerbread House

We also made a mixed cd for background music at the party with old time favorites like lollipop lollipop, I want Candy, Big Rock Candy Mountain, and Willy Wonka Songs to name a few…

taken by Brad Kozlek

When the kids arrived they were encouraged to put on their baking hats,  aprons, and start rolling out mini pizzas! To make clean easier, I laid down wax paper on each spot.  I had pizza sauce in tiny squirt bottle and tons of toppings to choice from in mini bowls. While the pizzas were baking we did a simple craft. I got decorate your own gingerbread house sticker sheets. This time of year there was a ton of gingerbread type ornaments that would have also worked with an older crowd. Once the pizza’s were done, the kids had lunch while I set up for the final activity.

taken by Brad Kozlek

We sang Happy Birthday to my little man!  He blew out the candle on his giant cupcake cake 🙂

Cupcake for the cupcake

The kids ended the day with decorating their own cupcakes. I got little boxes for them to take some their master pieces home.  We also had some play-dough and cookie cutters set up in a table around the room for the little bakers to play with.  Each little baker got to go home with a can of play-dough, cookie cutters, and their rolling pin to continue playing at home.

taken by Brad Kozlek

It was a really fun day, I’m so thankful to all my friends and family who helped make it a success.  I think I am done with cupcakes for a long time 😉  Happy Baking!

2nd Birthday: Little Chef Party!

Wednesday, November 3rd, 2010